The Mathemagician's Riddle

by Psycliq



released July 20, 2007

All songs written by Justin Richer except Your Eyes Look Like Starlight by Justin Richer and John Robinson. All songs performed and produced by Justin Richer.




Psycliq Boston

Nominally an electronic rock band, Psycliq veers wildly all over the musical map. Often unexpected, always an adventure, from rock to jazz to techno to industrial to blues to chiptunes, and back, you're sure to find something you like here, so check it out. ... more

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Track Name: Two Pennies For The Ferryman
So tell me, what's your story?

Did you believe in this?
The other side of life
So many miles ahead
With not a rest in sight
This river stretches ever wide in front of us
So take my hand
And come away with me
Through this place into blinding light
Infinite, incomprehensible yet
Familiar as your own breath
This is the only way
That I will ever know
Three rings begin, two rings return
Another fare, another soul
To carry over to that distant shore
It's time to go
So take my hand and come away with me

You're not the first
To cross my path
And I assure you
You won't be the last

Take my hand and come away with me
Track Name: Your Eyes Look Like Starlight
Twilit girl, you stop my heart and mind
As my breath is caught within my chest
Now with starlight even in the west
I can see it's you I've come to find
To see the starlight in your eyes
(starlight in your eyes)

Starlit girl, our world's end is our stage
None can face his self and stay the same
Future is a foreign word -- untamed
Yet our hands are forced to turn the page
(starlight in your eyes)

Starlit sky, reflected in your eyes
Constellations chart our course in fire

As we plan our path beneath these stars
Take my hand beneath these naked skies
Throw away your fear, but hold on to desire
Our path shines like fireflies
And your eyes
Look like starlight
(starlight in your eyes)