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Psycliq (featuring Jon Wiltzen) - He Who Saw The Deep

from Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. by Psycliq

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Game of Bands Epoch 1 Round 4

Entry for Team 6, Based on the Epic of Gilgamesh

Lyrics: scramblor. Music: zeronine (Psycliq). Vocals: aplen22.


King, strong and cruel, people plead, gods help us
Man, wild untamed, to stop the king, the two will go journeying
Quest, long and hard, to the forest hill, slay the giant demi-god
Dreams, fire storms, raging bulls, heroes see only victory

Fierce giant, bound by prison winds, "beg for mercy," man boasts
No hiding, no escaping death, and the fate before him

Goddess lusts for king, he turns away, ignites her wrath
Bulls, from heavens high, fights in vain, none can stand before the king

Tonight I dreamed of gods
Seeking vengeance on mortals
Why must we pay for their transgressions?
Why must I be the one to suffer?

Dark fever, draining soul, prayers for the death of a warrior
No hiding, no escaping death, and the fate before him

King, grieves for man, fears his life, the gods are a fickle thing
Seeks eternal life, survivor of, a flooded history
Hears his tale of woe, through endless storms, the gods then smiled on him
King, stay awake for seven days, and you will be young again

Eyes heavy, sleep taking hold, the king will dream
No hiding, no escaping death, but given one last chance
On oceans floor, plant of life, stolen by the serpent's night
No hiding, no escaping death, and the fate before him

We pay for all transgressions
I am the one to suffer
I am the one


from Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc., track released July 6, 2012
Music by Psycliq.
Lyrics by Scramblor.
Vocals by Aplen22.




Psycliq Boston

Nominally an electronic rock band, Psycliq veers wildly all over the musical map. Often unexpected, always an adventure, from rock to jazz to techno to industrial to blues to chiptunes, and back, you're sure to find something you like here, so check it out. ... more

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