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Monsters (Electric President Cover)

from Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. by Psycliq

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Covered upon request of a backer from a fundraiser project on Kickstarter. The original is quiet and mellow, my version is less so. Fun fact: I had a nasty cold while singing this one, so I'm a little surprised it came out decent, actually.


In through your window the sky will fall.
You'll trap the stars in jars and line them along your walls.
As the moonlight fills the veins beneath your skin,
You'll hear us knocking, oh, but you won't let us in.

Because you've got no friends,
And you've got no heartbeat.
Your insides are rotten now.
So there's nothing to fix.

But you said it often, before you were lost,
That it's only a day. That it's only a day.
But now you're a monster, and your backbone is soft.
Because you threw it away. Because you threw it away.

You called me out; I shrugged you off.
I don't have the time to watch you bash in all their skulls.
'cause there's a new boss in town, his heart is black, but his hands can reach through anything.
Stick your head in the ground. You might just dodge the guns.

But I'm not your friend.
And I will not fix you.
My insides are hollow now.
So you're all on your own.

But I said it often, before we were lost.
That it's only a day. That it's only a day.
But now I'm a monster, and my blood all runs cold.
Because I threw it away. Because I threw it away.

But now we've forgotten. And we've sold our blue skies.
But there's nothing to say. We'll be gone in a day.
And yeah, you can't take it with you. But I can sure try.
Now there's nothing to say. I'll be gone in a day.


from Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc., track released January 9, 2010
Originally by Electric President.




Psycliq Boston

Nominally an electronic rock band, Psycliq veers wildly all over the musical map. Often unexpected, always an adventure, from rock to jazz to techno to industrial to blues to chiptunes, and back, you're sure to find something you like here, so check it out. ... more

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